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LASIK Affordability

Making LASIK Affordable

Everyone knows that LASIK saves money over time.

Everyone knows that LASIK saves money over time. How much does it save? You can estimate your savings with our LASIK Calculator. The average savings for a 21-year-old are over $18,000!

LASIK may save money over time but making LASIK affordable now is another matter. At Carrot, you know your costs before the procedure. We have a one-price policy and never use bait-and-switch tactics. We also provide the drops needed for after surgery as part of the procedure cost, which can cost several hundred dollars at the pharmacy. At Carrot LASIK & Eye Center, there are no hidden costs.

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We also offer several financing options with excellent terms – including no interest for up to two years – and higher approval rates than other programs.

The earlier you have LASIK the longer the benefits. Don’t let money stand between you and a better life.

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Surgeons and Patients

Carrot surgeons are patients too!

The US Military declared unaided vision essential and started the Warfighters Refractive Surgery Program (WRESP) in 2005. Since that time nearly 1 million sailors, soldiers, pilots and marines have undergone LASIK. Carrot surgeons Drs. Hammond and Herion trained in the military and performed many of those procedures!

Unaided vision is essential for many occupations. First-responders, athletes, people in the performing arts, drivers, pilots (with appropriate clearance) and any job that requires quality, unaided vision benefit from LASIK.

Glasses and contacts can hold you back and LASIK makes you more competitive. Get LASIK, do more!

LASIK Recovery

What is the recovery for Modern LASIK surgery?

The Modern LASIK surgery procedure takes around 15 minutes for both eyes and you will see results immediately. Most people read the clock across the room when they sit up after the procedure. After the procedure we provide sunglasses and ask that you take a nap to allow the eyes to rest. Shields are provided for sleep for the first few days.

At Carrot LASIK & Eye Center, we require every patient to return the next day to be examined. Most people return to work the day after surgery (depending on the job) with the main limitation to avoid rubbing your eyes and exposing them to dusty and dirty conditions. You can shower and bathe normally and can resume swimming 2 weeks after surgery. Follow-up visits are performed at one week, at one, three and six months after surgery, and every year thereafter. Read more.

“Excellent staff and doctors. I have followed these doctors from another practice as they treat you like an individual and focus on your specific needs! The front and back office staff are super nice and very helpful. Also, they get you through the appointment quickly – which is AWESOME! Highly recommend the Carrot team for ALL your eye care needs.”