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Over 20,000 successful retinal procedures performed.

We are Mesa’s retinal specialists.

There’s Nothing Routine About the Way We Approach Eye Care

At Carrot LASIK & Eye Center, there’s nothing routine about the way we approach eye care. We strive every day to stay on the cutting-edge of surgical techniques, technology, and patient care.

Providing an optimal experience to the people of Mesa, Tempe, and the surrounding communities is our first priority. Whether it’s an annual eye exam or a vision-saving eye surgery, we treat every visit with the same commitment to delivering care that’s exceptional and unexpected. You can view this commitment in everything we do, and that includes the diagnosis and treatment of retinal issues.
Retina Surgery and Treatments in Mesa

At Carrot LASIK & Eye Center, we’ve been helping patients maintain their retinal health for over 17 years, combining our expertise and advanced technology to deliver the most thorough treatments possible. We’ve performed over 20,000 successful retinal procedures.

We offer a variety of surgical and medical treatment options, and we’ll guide you through all of your options to find the one that best suits your needs. Our treatments can range from nutritional recommendations and home monitoring to advanced laser procedures and ocular injections.

I was able to discover this eye center after reading some fantastic reviews. I have chosen to give this eye center a chance. I was blown away at how high tech this place was. All the infrastructure is up to date. I felt like a child in a candy shop with all of this technology I’ve never seen before in an ophthalmologist’s office. Dr. Herion was really experienced and professional at explaining everything he noticed in my eyes. All the workers are polite and supportive. I’ve certainly found my favorite eye center office!


Retinal Issues

What is the Retina?

The retina is the light-sensing tissue in the back of your eye. It converts light into signals for your brain, playing a major role in your vision.

A healthy and high-functioning retina is crucial to clear vision. There are many different retinal conditions that can seriously affect your eyes, and staying on top of your retinal health is a crucial part of maintaining healthy vision over the course of your life.

Diagnostic Testing and Technology for Retinal Issues

We’ll perform a variety of diagnostic tests to screen and or monitor any retinal conditions. During your diagnostic testing and treatment, we’ll use the visual field testing, OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography), and Widefield Zeiss Fundus Camera to give us the most comprehensive understanding of your retinal health.

At Carrot LASIK & Eye Center, we use the most advanced technology to screen, diagnose and monitor all varieties of retinal conditions. This allows us to give you the most personalized, effective treatment possible and ensure optimal results.

Some Issues That Commonly Affect the Retina

Age -Related Macular Degeneration

Age-related macular degeneration, or AMD, is the most common cause of blindness in Americans over 65. The macula is the small area in the center of your retina that allows you to read, drive, recognize faces, watch TV, and anything else that requires seeing fine details.

Macular degeneration is commonly associated with genetic factors, and it worsens with age.

Symptoms of AMD include:

  • Blurry vision
  • Straight lines appearing wavy
  • Difficulty reading and seeing details in dimly lit settings

Unfortunately, there is no cure for AMD. However, early detection is the best way to get the most effective treatments to manage it. At Carrot LASIK & Eye Center, we’ll perform a comprehensive eye exam and additional testing to determine your risk for developing AMD, or if you already have the condition, we can analyze the stage and decide the proper course of treatment.

This allows us to develop a customized treatment plan that aims to stabilize the progression of your AMD and preserves your vision for as long as possible.

Diabetes and Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is the most common diabetic eye condition, occurring when diabetes damages the blood vessels in your retina. While it shows no symptoms at first, it can eventually lead to blindness.

Symptoms of diabetic retinopathy are:

  • Floaters (spots) in your eye
  • Blurry vision
  • Difficulty seeing colors
  • Loss of vision

If you suffer from diabetes, scheduling an appointment with the retinal specialists at Carrot LASIK & Eye Center can help you understand how to avoid and prevent vision loss caused by diabetes. We’ll perform a variety of tests to determine the precise path your treatment will follow.

Our doctors can administer anti-VEGF medications to reduce swelling in the macula, slow down vision loss, and even improve vision in some cases. We can also perform laser eye surgery to heal your damaged blood vessels.

Along with our diabetic retinopathy treatments to restore and preserve vision, general management of diabetes and an overall healthy lifestyle are also important to avoiding loss of vision.


Retinal Tears

A retinal tear occurs when tractional forces pull on the retina hard enough to cause a slight tear. Left untreated, this condition can progress to retinal detachment. Retinal detachments can result in blindness, so seeking help for retinal tears or detachment immediately is crucial to preserving your vision.

Symptoms of a retinal tear or detachment include:

  • Sudden increase of floaters in the eye
  • Seeing flashes of light
  • Loss of peripheral vision
  • Decline in general vision

At Carrot LASIK & Eye Center, we perform advanced laser surgeries to stabilize retinal tears, as well as break up floaters. We believe that to offer you the highest quality eye care, we have to explore every factor in your case and identify the treatment that works for you.

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Retina Surgeons in Mesa, AZ

Carrot LASIK & Eye Center is led by Dr. Michael Herion, M.D., and Dr. Matthew Hammond, M.D., both experienced in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of retinal conditions. They started Carrot LASIK & Eye Center with the belief that every patient deserves access to the most effective, advanced treatments available.

We’re honored to serve the people of Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, Gilbert and the surrounding areas, working to ensure that every person can experience the joy of clear vision.

To put it simply, at Carrot LASIK & Eye Center, we’re good for your eyes.