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When you come to Carrot LASIK & Eye Center, you’ll find that no two patients are treated identically. We believe there are few things worse in the industry than “one size fits all” care, and we make the commitment to treat your unique needs, no matter what that may entail. At Carrot LASIK & Eye Center, we’re committed to being innovative in everything we do, from using the most advanced technology to offering connected solutions that add convenience to your experience as a patient.

From the equipment we use to update your vision prescription to the care with which we fit you for high-quality eyewear, you’ll see the bottom line of our commitment: we’re good for your eyes.

The Importance of Glasses to Our Patients

We know how important clear vision is to living life to the fullest. When you have the right pair of glasses, it can change your perspective on everything. At Carrot LASIK & Eye Center, we’ll do everything we can to help you find the combination of frames and lenses that helps to enhance your vision and your life.

Every Patient Gets the VIP Treatment

Why Carrot LASIK & Eye Center for Glasses?

A great pair of glasses starts with a precise vision prescription. The doctors at Carrot LASIK & Eye Center leverage high-tech imaging and diagnostic equipment to make sure your prescription is perfect, before moving onto finding you your ideal eyewear.

At Carrot LASIK & Eye Center we employ the i.ProfilePlus by ZEISS as well as i.Scription by ZEISS. Every eye is as unique as a human fingerprint. With i.ProfilePlus more than 2500 reference points within your eye are examined to produce an extremely detailed vision profile. Unlike traditional exams, varying light conditions are also taken into account to provide customized vision, day or night. This comprehensive information is used to create a refined prescription — or i.Scription — that perfectly matches your unique vision profile. The resulting eyeglass lenses are produced to an accuracy far higher than that seen in traditional eyeglass lenses.

All our glasses, frames, and lenses are backed by a warranty and range from fashionable to durable and everything in between.

When you shop at Carrot LASIK & Eye Center for your eyeglasses, you don’t have to stress about fitting into a predetermined mold. Every service is personalized to you, and that includes finding YOUR glasses.

Fashionable Eyeglasses

Brands Available

We know that our patients all have a unique style, and at Carrot LASIK & Eye Center, we go out of our way to celebrate those style differences. We carry glasses from Maui Jim, COACH®, Juicy Couture™, Nike, Oakley®, and more. No matter what your preference may be, we’ll have the perfect look for you.

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J.R. Testimonial

“I felt at home as soon as I walked into Carrot LASIK & Eye Center. The staff was so welcoming and my appointment started as soon as I checked in. My doctor was very professional and friendly. The whole experience was incredible, I will definitely be spreading the word about Carrot LASIK & Eye Center!”

– J.R.

Eye care that is truly unique

Fashionable and Durable Eyeglasses


To ensure we’re the most cost-effective for our patients, we accept all major insurance plans. If you want to buy your glasses online, that’s no problem! We’ll give you your measurements and your prescription so you can order them. If you find that your glasses break or need to be repaired, we’ll repair them and do everything we can to help you save money.


We understand how busy life can be, and that’s why we base our practice around being an asset for our patients. It’s time for eye care to step into the 21st Century, starting with Carrot LASIK & Eye Center. We’re anything but old-fashioned and our patients like it that way.

At Carrot LASIK & Eye Center, there's nothing old-fashioned about the way we do things. We’ve built a modern eye care practice with top-of-the-line technology and comprehensive services that reinforce our commitment to the unparalleled value we provide to our patients.

Carrot LASIK & Eye Center
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